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Gore Community The Day Malwarebytes' Staff Owned Me

Gore Community

Gore Community The Day Malwarebytes' Staff Owned Me


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It's a little embarrassing to say but a little north of 10 years ago I was just getting into computers and heard good things about Malwarebytes and was ready to spend some cash for a subscription. A friend told me not to waste my money and simply download the app torrent, and he would show me how to crack it and use it for free. I figured what the hell, I could use the cash I had set aside for the subscription for some more weed and I still get the MBAM. No brainer. I went through the entire process of installing my new found free protection and cracking it. I then ran a scan and it detected one infection. I checked to see what it was and it said exactly this: "Don't steal our software." I damn near had a stroke. I never uninstalled an app so fast in my life!

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